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It also effectively removes negativity on approach. Garnet helps to boost and brings the transmission levels to normal if it is deficient in the wearer. It also works with the generative system and stimulates the sexual drive, especially the red Garnet. The gemstone aids in imagination and protects against depression and impure thoughts.

Capricorn Birthstone - Garnet. See How it Brings You Luck And Success!

The strength of the stone basically lies dormant until it is polished. There are certain health issues that are naturally associated with the Capricorn. Garnet deals with them successfully and helps in preventing or curbing the problems.

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Some of them are like:. The pink or violet shade of the Garnet works on the regeneration and transmutation.

Crystals that Correspond to the Astrological Sign of Capricorn

Garnets provide energy and courage to the individual but one needs to be careful and beware of the passionate love as it can well turn into hatred due to jealousy. Besides being identified as zodiac stone for Capricorn — both in Western and Hindu astrology — onyx is also the talismanic gemstone for Capricorn. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to give their wearer magical powers. Capricorn talisman is engraved on onyx. This Capricorn birthstone is a banded variety of chalcedony, the name onyx mainly being applied to chalcedony of black and white bands.

Crystals for Capricorn

As a zodiac birthstone, the Capricorn stone is specifically identified to be the black onyx. Black onyx is a grounding stone, helpful not only to Capricorn, but to Leo as well, the two signs being the most ambitious of the zodiac. This Capricorn gemstone keeps the person grounded, giving him better control of himself as he goes about realizing his ambitions. Besides being specifically recognized as zodiac stone for Capricorn, ruby is the traditional birthstone for December in the Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Roman, as well as the Ayurvedic or old Indian calendar.

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This Capricorn birthstone is the red variety of corundum, which in another color would be otherwise called sapphire. Ruby is believed to bestow peace of mind, courage and mental power. This Capricorn stone is indeed helpful to the ambitious Capricorn people in seeing them through in their endeavors. The Capricorn gemstone is also said to chase away impure thoughts and preserve chastity, helping to keep integrity in the potentially powerful Capricorn.

While most closely associated with Gemini, agate is also a Capricorn birthstone. This Capricorn gemstone is the banded variety of chalcedony, which is the opaque to translucent variety of quartz. The banded Capricorn stone is believed to enhance prudence and caution, which to the responsible Capricorn are highly important.